Immigration Forum Committee

Student Immigration Panel Discussion

(May 27th, 2pm-3pm)

  • Discuss all visa processing types and questions related to student visas.
  • Options available to students after completing their education
  • In-transit between various status changes
  • Other open topics

Latest Immigration Changes Discussion

(May 27th, 3pm-4pm)

  • Discuss all immigration processing types and questions related to employment visas
  • Options available and role of employers during the processing of visa’s and green card
  • Common inquiries, pitfalls and how to address them to avoid delays
  • Other open topics

Immigration & Naturalization Discussion

(May 28th, 10am-11am)

  • Employment based Green Card
  • Family based Green Card
  • Consular Processing
  • EAD
  • Advance Parole
  • Citizenship

VISAS Discussion

(May 28th, 11am to Noon)

  • Business – B1
  • Student – F, M
  • Visitor/Tourist – B2
  • Exchange Visitor – J1-> J2
  • Fiancée – K1-> K4
  • L-Visa – L1-> L2
  • H-Visa – H1 -> H4
  • Religious – R1-> R2