Women forum Committee


Back Row

  • Mamatha Chadalavada
  • Uma Veeramachineni
  • Sujata Kanumury
  • Chaya Kalahasti
  • Malathi Reddy
  • Neelima Swarna

Front Row

  • Himabindhu Kuppa
  • Gayatri Chintakunta
  • Praveena Kompalli
  • Rukmini Chilakamarri
  • Sahithi Aluri
  • Malini Pulumati
  • Anantha Marri


Dr. Deepa Halaharvi is a Breast Surgeon with Ohio Health. Dr. Deepa is a very dedicated surgeon who works tirelessly to help women suffering with breast cancer surgically as well as emotionally to survive the hard times. She has first hand experience as she is a Breast cancer survivor herself. She brings her empathy and understanding everyday in patient care. She educates women from all walks of life about prevention, screening, and regular monthly self examinations. Our sincere thanks to her for taking time out of busy schedule to join us.

Topic: Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening

Dr. Deepavali Halaharvi


Dr. Kalpana Raghunath is an inspiring woman doing god's work in eradicating cancer one person at a time. She is motivated, personable, highly competent and disciplined physician caring for people with compassion and dedication. She plays a vital role in conducting cancer screening camps in India and believes in delivering optimal positive outcomes. She has a unique work and life experiences not only as a army wife but most importantly as an army Doctor. She is a patient advocate doing a phenomenal job in holistic healing. Let's be inspired by her life achievements.

Dr. Kalpana Raghunath


Dr. Lakshmi Saleem is a multi talented woman wearing several hats not only a plastic surgeon but an published author. Her autobiography chronicles her astonishing journey through life as a woman and a plastic surgeon. She has also written a text book about Aesthetic surgery for the needy. She is very philanthropic performing many innovative surgeries under suboptimal conditions in India. She has a great story to tell about her experiences as a surgeon who wanted to give back to her community and her country.

Topic: Dreams, Determination and Truimph

Dr. Lakshmi Saleem


Dr. Néeraja Naidu Chavakula is a practicing physician at St. Louis University passionate about Women's Health, Empowerment and Holistic Wellness. She is very involved in breast cancer research and has 15+ years in patient care. She is an academician who has a M. Ph and is working on her M.B.A. Her vision is to improve breast cancer services for African American, and Asian women. She also is a firm believer of holistic healing. We are looking forward to learning more about wellness and holistic healing.

Topic: Women's Health, Empowerment and Holistic Wellness

Dr. Néeraja Naidu Chavakula


Dr. Suneetha Manyam is an Associate Professor and Licensed Professional Counselor from Atlanta. She has 10+ years of teaching and clinical experience in the counseling field. Her areas of clinical expertise include, anxiety and stress management, immigration and acculturation issues, marital problems, parenting issues, ADHD etc. As an aspiring Telugu mahila, she facilitated and organized several sessions related to Women’s mental health and parenting issues in various Telugu Associations in US. We thank Dr. Suneetha and welcome her and looking forward to learning new parenting skills.

Topic: Women's Mental Health and Parenting Issues

Dr. Suneetha Manyam


Mrs. Aruna Tailor is a humanitarian very involved in promoting, respect, understanding and cooperation between various communities. Her major role as one of the founders of Saweraa an association helping south Asian abused women giving hope and home for them. She is an advocate for survivors of torture and war Trauma and plays an essential role in facilitating the healing process. She believes that south Asian community will have to become visible and be able to engage in the broader sense. Let's preserve our culture while assimilating into main stream.

Topic: Abuse of Women and Children in today's Society.

Mrs. Aruna Tailor


Mrs. Jayasri Telukunta is passionate about promoting Telugu literature and she is a writer who has a deeper understanding in Indian Culture. She is very dedicated in teaching to read and write the Telugu language to young and old. She has brought hope to several disadvantaged communities by creating new vocations and funding them. She is philanthropist who works tirelessly to help cancer victims. Her efforts to the society earned her many rewards and accolades. Let's welcome her and learn about her great life experiences.

Topic: Inspiring and Empowering Women.

Mrs. Jayasri Telukunta


A very charismatic high energy entrepreneur in Hyderabad who will join us to share her experiences as a paint business owner. She is a law graduate and has been active in several organizations. Her passion is promote women entrepreneurs especially small scale industries get associated with different tie ups to establish and advance in the business world. She is also a promoter of skills training for women through different organizations. You will enjoy her zeal and enthusiasm as it is infectious.

Topic: My Vision for the women entrepreneurs today and in the future.

Mrs. Kavitha Rajesh